Moving to your new home

After signing the tenancy agreement, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind, like when can I move in or how to book the sauna or parking space for your car? We have gathered below some things that are good to know when moving in.

Collecting the keys

Your tenancy agreement includes the start date of the agreement. On this date, you can pick up the keys from the maintenance company and move into your new apartment. The maintenance company will need to see the tenancy agreement and your ID before giving you the keys to the apartment against a signature. If you signed the tenancy agreement electronically, show it to the maintenance service from your mobile phone or print it out and bring it with you. If you signed the tenancy agreement at our customer service point, show the agreement that was given to you. The keys are also returned to the maintenance company at the end of the tenancy.

Parking space and sauna booking

You can book a parking space or inquire any vacancies by calling our customer service. If there are no spaces available, you can join a queue to get a parking place later. The rent for a parking place will depend on whether the place has a heating pole or not or if it is in a parking garage. Most of our properties include the option to purchase a charging point for electric and hybrid cars.

Parking space agreements are made with the main tenant. After concluding the agreement, the maintenance company will provide you with a parking permit and a key to the heating pole or parking garage, if necessary. 

You can make a sauna booking when collecting the keys or later by calling the maintenance company. The fee for a weekly sauna booking is €10 per month. The bookings are granted based on a queue. To cancel your booking, call the maintenance company.

Both the parking space and sauna booking are charged in connection with the rent. Once your parking space or sauna booking are confirmed, we will send you a new breakdown of the rent. Water and broadband Internet are included in the monthly rent of all our apartments. 

Condition statement

We kindly ask you to assess the condition of your new apartment within two weeks of the start of your rental agreement. We utilise the condition statement to assess the condition of the apartment when residents change, so please complete your statement as carefully as possible. By filling in and submitting the condition statement, you can ensure that you will not be held liable for any damage caused by the previous resident.

  • If you signed your rental agreement electronically, you have received a link to an online form. We recommend using the electronic form, as you can include photos of your apartment.
  • If you are unable to fill in the electronic form, you can also fill in the condition statement form that you received as an e-mail attachment and submit it to our customer service e-mail at

Please note that any defects or deficiencies that affect living must always be separately reported to the maintenance company. The maintenance company will not receive information about defects that are only listed on the condition statement.

A resident who is moving out is responsible for thoroughly cleaning the apartment. Please notify our customer service if the apartment has not been properly cleaned.

Storage facilities

Your apartment includes a storage facility marked with the apartment number.  The storage facility must be kept locked, and it is your responsibility to acquire the lock. Please always use your own storage facility to avoid problems when people move in and out. Contact the maintenance company in case of any items left by the previous resident.

You can store in the facility all kinds of home furnishings. Do not, however, store flammable liquids there as it is forbidden for fire safety reasons. For the same reason, storage of goods in the cellar corridors, staircases or stairwells is not allowed.

Checklist for moving

It is easy to forget important things with all the excitement of moving. Therefore, we have put together a handy checklist for you.


The rent for a parking space depends on whether the space has a heating pole or not or if it is in a parking garage. The rent for the parking space is paid in connection with the rent for the home.


If your building has a shared sauna, you can make a sauna booking at the maintenance company. The common sauna time (“lenkkisauna”) is intended for everyone to use.

Storage facilities

Most buildings have common storage facilities for the residents’ sports and outdoor equipment, as well as lockable storage spaces for the residents’ own belongings.