Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, you can always contact our customer service.

Has my application been received?

After you submit your online application on our website, a message will be displayed informing you that we have received your application. If you see this message, we have received your application successfully and it can now be considered in the resident selection process.

How long is my application valid?

The housing application will remain active for three months from the date of submission. If we have not offered you housing in that time, you can submit a new application via our website.

What is my position on the waiting list?

Espoon Asunnot has no waiting list for housing applications. Housing is offered on the basis of the urgency of the housing need and the applicant’s assets and financial position.

Filling in a housing application

The housing application must be filled in carefully and the information provided must be accurate and truthful. All factors that may affect your chances of obtaining housing should be mentioned in the application, in order to hasten the process.

How can I edit my application?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit your application. If your situation or requirements change, please submit a new application on our website. You can submit a new application, even if your old application is still valid. A new application always replaces the previous one, and you can only have one valid application at a time. The new application is valid for 3 months.

What is the status of my application?

The processing of your application usually begins on the weekday following submission. This means that you will be considered when a suitable property becomes available. The status of the application will not change. It will remain active until a suitable home has been found for you or until it expires automatically after three months from the date of submission.

How long will it take to be housed?

It is impossible to give an accurate estimate of how long this will take. In rented properties, tenants must give one month’s notice, and we cannot predict in advance how many notices we will receive and from which areas. The waiting time also depends on how many area preferences and other wishes you have listed.

Depending on the applicant’s situation and the preferences listed, it is possible to receive an offer fairly quickly. However, the number of applicants far exceeds the number of properties that become available. More than 50 per cent of our applicants are in urgent need of housing. Studios and small one-bedroom flats are most in demand.

Do the number of preferred areas and wishes regarding the level of equipment, for example, affect my chances of being housed?

Yes they do. You can influence your chances of being housed by selecting as many preferred areas as possible. In addition, you should list only those wishes regarding the level of equipment and building type that you find absolutely necessary (e.g., own sauna, balcony or garden). The maximum rent specified is also significant. When filling in the application, you should keep in mind that you will not be offered a home that does not meet your requirements.

If you are not ready to accept a home located in a certain area or at a certain address, do not select them on the application. The same principle applies to the amount of rent and other wishes related to housing.

Will I be housed more quickly if I phone or visit the customer service?

Phone calls and visits will not speed up the process. We treat all our customers equally, and we select residents taking account of all applicants, including those who are unable to contact us

What criteria are used to select residents?

Residents are selected on the basis of needs assessment. Priority is given to those who most urgently need a home, who have the most limited means and the lowest income. Our aim is to offer homes that become available to applicants who are in most urgent need of housing, while trying to maintain a diverse residential composition in our rented buildings.

Do all applicants find rental homes through you?

Approximately 1,500 rental dwellings become vacant each year. There are over 5,000 active housing applications in our register all the time and we receive over 24,000 applications annually. Because the number of apartments that become available is small and the number of applicants is very large, we cannot offer housing to all applicants.

How can I renew my application?

You must renew your housing application within three months from the date of submission. The application will expire automatically. To renew your application, you must fill in a new application through the Espoon Asunnot website. The date of submission of an active application does not affect your chances of being housed.

Do you offer emergency housing?

Espoon Asunnot does not arrange emergency housing for applicants who are in danger of becoming homeless. If you are in such a situation, you should contact the local social services. Some parishes also offer emergency housing.

How do I terminate my lease agreement?

When moving out, you must terminate your lease agreement in accordance with the notice period. Read more about terminating the lease agreement.

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