Information for applicants

Our range of homes includes some 16,000 dwellings all over Espoo. You are sure to find a home that suits your taste! Residents for the properties are selected by Espoon Asunnot. More than 1,500 homes become available for rent every year, and new properties are also constructed annually.

Finding a new home

The range of homes managed by Espoon Asunnot is as diverse as the City of Espoo. We offer homes for small and larger families, for city dwellers and nature lovers alike. Depending on your family’s situation, size and needs, you can choose either an urban area with excellent local services or an entirely rural neighbourhood with good basic services.

As our customer, you will enjoy a well-managed residential environment and a home that is comfortable and safe to live in. By engaging actively in residential activities, you can also have your say on how things are done in your building and contribute to making the neighbourhood attractive for everyone.

Applying for a home is easy

Comprehensive instructions for submitting an application are available on these pages. All you need to do is fill in an application – additional documents are required only when we are able to offer you a home.

Your application will be active for three months. The information will be recorded in our applicant register.

Housing application

To apply for a rental home from Espoon Asunnot, fill in an electronic form. Electronic applications are processed daily.

Electronic application form (in English)

Changes to your housing application

If your situation or requirements change, please submit a new application on our website. You can submit a new application, even if your old application is still valid. A new application always replaces the previous one, and you can only have one valid application at a time. The new application is valid for 3 months.

Resident selection criteria

Residents are selected on the basis of needs assessment: the chances of being housed are affected by the applicant's assets, income and need for housing. 

What are assets?

Examples of assets are a flat or other property owned by the applicant. A reliable estimate of the market value of the assets and an account of any loans must be attached to the application. You can request an estimate from the house manager, an estate agent or a building inspector.

The value of a property owned by the applicant can be disregarded if the applicant moves to another city for work reasons and is unable to commute daily from the property due to a long distance or poor transport connections.

Asset limits are in use throughout the country, but they may vary from one municipality to the next. As the household size increases, the asset limit is raised by €10,000 per person.


Applicants’ income refers to the permanent monthly income (gross monthly income) of the household members. Examples of income are salaries and the related extras, maintenance paid to a spouse, pensions, workers’ compensation and other insurance benefits paid as annuities, disability allowance, capital income and income from abroad. With regard to fringe benefits, the taxable value is taken into account. Adult study grants and adult education subsidies are also regarded as income.

Income does not include housing allowance, maintenance paid to children or other corresponding supplementary income. Income that is clearly temporary – e.g., a conscript’s per diem allowance, a conscript’s allowance paid by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and holiday earnings of children under 18 years of age – is not counted either.

When comparing applicants’ income, the household size and number of children are taken into account.

Receiving an offer of housing

We will send you a housing offer once we find you a home. Please read both the instructions below and the actual housing offer carefully.

  • We will send you a conditional housing offer via email. You will also receive an SMS notification of the sent offer. Therefore, make sure that your contact information is up to date. In the offer, we will ask you to submit the necessary appendices and let you know how you can have a look at the apartment. Please note that the housing offer is valid only for a limited time.
  • Please visit the apartment as soon as possible. However, please note that new sites or houses under renovation cannot be visited during the construction phase.
  • If you wish to accept the offered housing, please submit the requested appendices to our customer service by email within three working days. You do not need to submit the original documents. A good quality photograph of the requested appendix, for example, is sufficient.
  • If you decline the offered housing, please let us know this within the validity period of the offer. You can do this by calling or sending an email to our customer service. Please state the reason for your refusal. If you do not notify us of your refusal, we will withdraw your housing application. If you decline, you can also indicate whether you intend to continue to apply for a new dwelling. If for some reason you did not like the apartment you were previously offered, it is a good idea to consider the wishes you have indicated in your application. We strive to provide housing that meets the wishes you have recorded in your application. Please note that after the refusal, we cannot promise you a new apartment.

Tenancy agreement

Contact our customer service for an appointment for signing the tenancy agreement. Please bring your ID with you to the meeting. If the agreement is made for two people, both will have to come to the meeting and prove their identity.

At the meeting, you will sign a tenancy agreement and receive a rent invoice, tenant’s guide, condition statement and list of important contacts. We will also advise you on how and when you can collect the keys.

If one person is unable to attend, a power of attorney is required. By a power of attorney, you can delegate administration of your affairs to someone else. Fill in and sign the power of attorney below and give it to the person who will represent you. Please note that the power of attorney must be filled in and signed before acting on someone else’s behalf.

Customer service contact information

Processing of applications

Submitting an application

You can fill in either an electronic or a paper application. The latter must be submitted to Espoon Asunnot by post or in person. In the application, you can select the residential areas in which you are interested and specify your wishes regarding the property. We will offer you a home on the basis of the information provided in the application, so be sure to fill it in carefully. Please give your contact information in the application. If it changes, contact our customer service. Your application will normally be active starting from the date of submission.

Processing of the application

Residents are selected on the basis of needs assessment. Priority is given to those who most urgently need a home, who have the most limited means and the lowest income. The people who handle the applications assign a priority level to each application and verify the customer’s credit information. However, payment defaults will not prevent you from obtaining a rental home from Espoon Asunnot.

Finding a suitable home

When a suitable home becomes available, we will contact you by phone, email or post.

Submission of required documents
If you are interested in the property reserved for you, please submit the required documents to Espoon Asunnot customer service. Once we have checked the documents, you will receive a formal offer of housing.

Seeing the property

After having received the offer of housing, you will have an opportunity to view the property. If you do not accept the offer, Espoon Asunnot cannot guarantee that you will receive another offer in the future.

Tenancy agreement

After having accepted the offer of housing, you will sign a tenancy agreement at Espoon Asunnot customer service. Contact our customer service for an appointment for signing the tenancy agreement.


If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service. However, it is possible that the answer to your question is closer than you think.

Customer service contact information

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions.