Updated 17 January: Covid-19-restrictions in the Espoon Asunnot' properties continue until furtther notice

Due to the severely weakened covic-19-situation, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland has decided on new restrictions for the Uusimaa region. They also affect housing.

Updated 10 January: Shared sauna sessions are cancelled until further notice

Apartment-specific sauna bookings will continue normally. Please note that it is not possible to clean saunas after every use. This is why everyone must maintain a high level of hygiene. Also, do not use a sauna if you are feeling ill.

Updated 10 January: Club rooms and gyms closed until 24 January 2022

The club rooms in properties are out of use. Exceptions include statutory residents’ meetings, which can be held if safety instructions and restrictions are taken into account.

Gyms are also closed in those properties where there is a one. Laundry rooms are open normally.

Updated 17 January: Maintenance

Non-urgent apartment visits are suspended until further notice. We also recommend that non-urgent contacts requiring a visit to the apartment be postponed until all restrictions for the Uusimaa region are expired. 

We recommend that you wear a mask

Please wear a mask when you use the shared facilities in your residential building. The personnel of Espoon Asunnot and our maintenance and cleaning staff wear masks when they work at our properties.