Updated Guide to Good Living has been published

In August 2021 updated English version of Guide to Good Living is now published on our websites. The guide offers information and advice on common issues related to taking care of your home.

Guide to Good Living is an information pack that helps you in taking care of your home. The guide provides information on general matters such as moving, bathroom cleaning and yard etiquette. It also offers guidance and advice on housing-related issues.

The guide provides practical instructions on how to book a laundry shift, parking space or club space, to begin with. In addition, it shows with the help of illustrative pictures how, for example, the floor drain and the cooker hood are cleaned correctly.

In addition, on one page of the guide there are colorful waste sorting instructions, from which you can easily see which waste belongs to which waste bin.

Tip: Print the sorting instructions and put them on the fridge door so you can quickly check the correct place for the waste.

The division of responsibilities at the end of the guide has been updated in June 2021. From the table you can find out which types of home damage are the responsibility of Espoo Asunnot and which are the responsibility of the resident.


You will always find the latest version on our website.