Information for applicants

Finding a new home

The range of homes managed by Espoon Asunnot is as diverse as the City of Espoo. We offer homes for small and larger families, for city dwellers and nature lovers alike. Depending on your family’s situation, size and needs, you can choose either an urban area with excellent local services or an entirely rural neighbourhood with good basic services.

As our customer, you will enjoy a well-managed residential environment and a home that is comfortable and safe to live in. By engaging actively in residential activities, you can also have your say on how things are done in your building and contribute to making the neighbourhood attractive for everyone.

Our range of homes includes some 14,000 dwellings all over Espoo. You are sure to find a home that suits your taste! Residents for the properties are selected by Espoon Asunnot. More than 1,500 homes become available for rent every year, and new properties are also constructed annually.

Applying for a home is easy

Comprehensive instructions for submitting an application are available on these pages. All you need to do is fill in an application – additional documents are required only when we are able to offer you a home.

Your application will be active for three months. The information will be recorded in our applicant register.