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New apartments

Every year Espoon Asunnot completes several hundred rental apartments, located near great services and transport connections. New apartments are being built around Espoo, so there is something for everyone. Below you can find a list of all our buildings under construction.

Brochures of new buildings will be published a few months before estimated completion. The application period for new homes begins about three months before the completion of the property. Occasionally, buildings may be completed ahead schedule or a little late. For this reason, the dates for publishing brochures and application periods may also change. By following our website and Facebook page, you always get the most up-to-date information about our new apartments.

All our buildings under construction are smoke-free upon completion, including renovated buildings. Smoking is prohibited inside apartments and at balconies and courtyards. This prohibition also applies to guests. There is a separate place for smokers in the yard. 

Under construction