Kuvassa Espoon Asuntojen henkilöstöä toimistolla

For job-seekers

We are a reliable, flexible and responsible employer. We invest in personnel development, a safe working environment and increasing well-being at work. Do you want to join us?

As a responsible employer, we build a work community in which our employees are motivated, feel well and do their work successfully. We employ more than a hundred housing, construction and real estate professionals. We are here for the residents, and we will ensure that Espoo residents enjoy their homes.

Do you want to work for Espoon Asunnot?

If you wish to join us, please follow our job advertisements or send an open application and a CV to We will contact you immediately if a position corresponding to your competence becomes available for application.

Young people and students also need experiential knowledge of working life. We offer an opportunity for this by enabling traineeships all year round and hiring summer workers for various tasks. If you are interested in a traineeship or summer job at Espoon Asunnot, please send us e-mail to

We offer competitive employment benefits and flexible work

We offer our staff a lunch benefit and a weekly gym class during working hours, so that everyone has the opportunity to maintain their work efficiency and take care of their fitness. In addition, our employees can take advantage of the cultural and sports benefits we offer in the desired manner.

We support commuting with a monthly commute voucher. You do not necessarily need your own car to move around during the working day, as we have access to three shared cars.

Because good health is the basis for an active life, we provide our employees with more comprehensive occupational health care than usual. In addition, all employees are insured against leisure-time accidents to ensure timely access to care.

We enable remote working and are positive about part-time work. This means that it is not only parents of small children who can work part-time for us.

A balanced reconciliation of work and leisure time is one of the prerequisites of a healthy working community. That is why we strive to scale the work tasks of the staff in such a way that they have time for hobbies and spending time with family and friends.

Live and learn

Our operations are guided by personnel and training plans, as well as equality plans, which ensure that the staff are treated fairly.

Our staff have equal opportunities for training and developing their competence. By competence development, we mean all learning and renewal of practices that takes place in work, the work community and cooperation networks. With these measures, we also respond to changes in the operating environment.