We make high-quality and economical procurements and strive to ensure that as many Espoo residents as possible can benefit from our procurements. Through procurement, we promote healthy competition and sustainable development.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Espoo and thus a public actor. In our procurements, we comply with the legislation on public procurement and the procurement guidelines approved by Espoon Asunnot’s Board of Directors.  

We publish procurement notices above the national threshold in HILMA for either Finland or the entire EU depending on the value of the procurement. 

We use an online tendering system in which the current invitations to tender and the associated documents are published.

Responsible procurements

We also take responsibility issues, including environmental, economic and social aspects, into account in our procurements. We comply with the Contractor’s Obligations Act during the tendering of all procurements and over the contract period.

We submit our ethical principles for information to our contracting partners.

We procure property maintenance services from local entrepreneurs, so Espoon Asunnot has a significant impact on local employment. In addition, our procurements have a significant direct impact on the local economy.

We actively prevent the grey economy.

In our operations, we also pay attention to small service providers and take responsibility for our cooperation networks.