Vesipirtintien rakennustyömaa Saunalahteen kuuluvalla Tillinmäellä.


Our task is to promote the well-being of our customers and the competitiveness of the City of Espoo. By providing rental housing services in a high-quality, economical and efficient manner, we carry out our basic task of renting out comfortable and reasonably priced homes, providing a smooth service and maintaining the condition of the properties.

The Espoo City Council decides on our performance targets. In addition to the strategic goals set by the Board of Directors, our operations are guided by annual goal and budget discussions, various operational programmes, contracts and legislation.

Espoon Asunnot's strategic priorities

The board of Espoon Asunnot approved the updated strategy in August 2023. The strategic priorities listed below guide our operations, and their progress is monitored regularly.

1. Customers

We actively promote a good customer experience. The benefit customers receive from us is higher than the industry average.

2. Property Portfolio

We ensure that our property portfolio meets the needs.

3. Operational Model

We operate smoothly and efficiently, and we expect the same from our partner network.

4. Staff and Expertise

We continuously improve the employee experience and strengthen the expertise of our staff.

5. Sustainable Development

We ensure that the objectives of economic, social, and environmental responsibility are in balance.