Our task is to promote the well-being of our customers and the competitiveness of the City of Espoo. By providing rental housing services in a high-quality, economical and efficient manner, we carry out our basic task of renting out comfortable and reasonably priced homes, providing a smooth service and maintaining the condition of the properties.

The Espoo City Council decides on our performance targets. In addition to the strategic goals set by the Board of Directors, our operations are guided by annual goal and budget discussions, various operational programmes, contracts and legislation.

Espoon Asunnot’s Board of Directors has defined the following priorities and objectives:

Our actions are guided by the strategic focus areas listed below, which are translated into concrete actions by our skilled personnel. The progress of the strategic priorities is monitored regularly.

1. Achievement of the housing production target

The Espoo City Council has set a production target of starting the construction of 400 rental homes per year and an average of 1,600 new homes in the four-year housing programme period.

2. Securing access to funding and keeping costs down

We ensure the availability and predictability of funding and maintain a risk-free, low cost level.

3. Development of the customer experience and rental activities

Interacting with us provides the customers with the experience that they are valued and their matters are considered important. The goal is for the customers to be able to manage matters related to their tenancy regardless of time and place. We rent out homes with a good price-quality ratio. In our homes, daily life is smooth. People enjoy their homes and want to live there for a long time. We keep the homes rented so that our ARA rent level will continue to be 25% lower than the market rent.

4. Sustainable development

For our part, we enable the sustainable development goals set in the Espoo Story to be achieved.

5. Sustainable property portfolio management

From the point of view of preserving the value of the property portfolio, ensuring rentability and developing the properties, the properties must be better known. Decisions regarding maintenance, renovation and development must be based on current information, the life cycle of the property, an assessment of future prospects and profitability.

Trusted landlord

We want to be a safe and trusted landlord offering affordable homes to everyone regardless of their background.


We are building a city that is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable for future generations.