Espoon Asunnot aims to understand as comprehensively as possible how our operations affect people, society and the environment.

Social Responsibility

We are a reliable lessor and take care of those who, due to their life situation, need help to maintain control of their daily life.

Environmental responsibility

Our environmentally responsible operations are based on life cycle thinking.  

Financial responsibility

For us, financial responsibility means good financial management, a sense of solidarity and the steady and long-term delivery of economic benefits to our stakeholders.

Ethical principles

Ethical principles apply to everyone: the management, supervisors and employees.

Sustainability management is based on our strategy and values, complemented by ethical principles. Together we develop better ways and means to take our operations in a more responsible direction.


Our task is to promote the well-being of our customers and the competitiveness of the City of Espoo.

Values and goal

Values and goal are the foundation of everything we do. 

Continuous improvement of sustainable operations requires goals, indicators and continuous monitoring, which is why reporting is an essential part of sustainability.