vaahteranlehti ulkopöydällä

Winter preparations in the yard and balcony

You can enjoy a clean and well-maintained yard or balcony long into the autumn – or winter, for that matter.

Now with autumn around the corner, it is good to carry out some maintenance actions to ensure comfort also in the coldest and snowiest winter times.


  • Summer canopies and trampolines should be dismantled and moved to storage. The trampoline frame may remain in the yard provided that the protective nets and mat are removed. There must be at least a metre of free space between the frame and structures or shrubs. The frame must not obstruct or hinder the use of the emergency exit route or snow removal, etc.
  • Outdoor furniture (including terrace mats and tiles) are better preserved when cleaned and washed and moved to storage or protected from the elements under a tarp, for example. However, it is important to position the furniture so that they do not prevent dropping snow from the roof, for example.
  • Give yard plants their appropriate autumn fertiliser and winter protection. Remember also to take care of protection against deer, rabbits, and rodents. Summer plants and plant waste should be removed.


  • Cushions and other decorations sensitive to moisture or susceptible to getting mouldy are best stored in dry storage over the winter.
  • Check the functionality of the locks and stays of the balcony glazing. Functional balcony glazing allows ventilation and prevents moisture from freezing on the glazing.
  • Summer plants and plant waste should be cleared away and, if you so wish, replaced with cold-resistant plants such as conifers and heathers or outdoor decorations.

Please note that the balcony and yard are intended primarily for spending time, not storing things. The balcony or yard may have to be used as an emergency exit route in the event of a fire. Any unnecessary or extra items accumulated in the yard or balcony should be moved to their proper places and storage facilities as part of the autumn preparations.


Picture: Pixabay