Located right by Leppävaara, Perkkaa provides its residents with an urban environment where nature is still close by. The area’s strengths include excellent transport links and the activities possible in the surrounding area.

Leppävaara is only a few steps away, and its location at a traffic hub enables easy travel in many directions. For example, Sello shopping centre is accessible on foot as it is only about a kilometre away, and you can travel to Helsinki in 15 minutes from the train station next door. The Turunväylä and Ring I highways that run through Leppävaara provide convenient car routes to other locations in the Metropolitan Area.  

Perkkaa boasts numerous parks with bicycle routes and play areas. Nature trails entice you to dust off your sneakers, and even birdwatchers need not travel far from home as Laajalahti Nature Reserve is in close proximity. The sports park in Leppävaara provides opportunities for a variety of activities from cross-country skiing to acrobatics.

“All the services I need within arm’s length – and walking distance!”