It’s time to grill! – Instructions for safe grilling

Grilling is definitely one of the highlights of summer. However, remember to observe fire safety precautions and comfort of living.
Grillausta kaasugrillillä.

Photo: Pexels

There are rules for grilling so that everyone can enjoy grilling safely without inconveniencing neighbours or causing danger to the surrounding area. 

ABCs of grilling

Before starting grilling, it is recommended to check the current forest fire warning situation. Special care must be taken when a forest fire warning is in force.

The grill must be placed at least four (4) metres away from the building’s walls and other structures.

In the yards of terraced houses, electric and gas grills are allowed if they do not cause harm to neighbours. Charcoal and wood grills are forbidden. You cannot barbecue on your balcony or in the yard of a balcony-access building.

If you use a shared grill or grill shelter, please clean up when you have finished grilling.

It is the responsibility of the person using the grill to ensure that smoke from the grill does not gain access to the property’s ventilation system.

You cannot leave the grill unattended while grilling. The grill must be monitored until it has cooled down properly. 

Remember that a grease fire cannot be extinguished with water. A grease fire must always be extinguished by smothering, for example with a fire extinguishing blanket.

When you have finished grilling, it is recommended to put completely cooled coals and ash in, for example, a metal container with a lid.

Lastly, when grilling in a warm summer evening, you should remember that you must be quiet between 22:00 and 7:00. 

Be safe and enjoy grilling!