Updated drying room rules

Like the laundry rooms, the use of the drying rooms is governed by common rules everyone should follow. It promotes the comfort of living for all.
Pyykkipojat roikkumassa narulla.

We recommend using the drying room for drying the laundry, as it dries more quickly there, and moisture does not accumulate in your home. By following the common rules, each resident can help keep the drying room tidy and comfortable to use.

Drying room rules 

  • Pick up the laundry before your time ends to free up the room for the next user. 
  • To save energy, please turn off the dryer as soon as you no longer need it.  
  • Leave the room tidy. All pieces of clothing and linen should be collected and not left lying around in the drying room. 
  • Turn off the drying room lights when you leave. 

Thank you for following the drying room rules!

Please also read the laundry rules.

Picture: Pexels