Laundry room

The laundry room is available for use in the daytime and can be used free of charge. Please book your laundry time in the booking list or electronic booking system.

We recommend using the drying room for drying the laundry, as it dries more quickly there and moisture does not accumulate in your home.

Laundry instructions can be found at the laundry room and below – thank you for following them! By following the common rules, each resident helps keep the laundry room clean and nice to use.

Laundry room instructions

• The laundry room can be used during the hours decided by the residents’ committee.

• You can only use the laundry room for your own household laundry.

• It is strictly forbidden to wash carpets and other heavy laundry in the laundry room machines. Wet carpets are so heavy that they will break the washing machine.

• The laundry room can only be booked for one shift at a time.

• You can only use the washing machine during your own booked time.

• The laundry room has a booking list or an electronic booking system for booking your laundry time. When booking a time, enter your apartment number. In some properties, laundry rooms have an electronic booking system, the user IDs and instructions of which can be obtained from maintenance customer service.

• If you cancel your booked time, please indicate this on the booking list or electronic booking system as soon as possible so that someone else can book the time.

• If you have not started using the laundry room within half an hour of the start of your booked time, the next person who needs the laundry room can use it.

• Please take your laundry out of the laundry room as soon as your time is over.

• Once your laundry has dried, please remove it from the drying room immediately to free up space for the next user.

• Please keep the laundry facilities clean and tidy.

• After doing your laundry, please ensure that the laundry room and machines are clean.

If a tenant does not follow the rules of the laundry room, they may lose their right to use it.

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