Piirroksessa kolme henkilöä on valtavan suuren matkapuhelimen kanssa.
News 26.03.2024 - 09:30

Break in rent control service from 28 March to 15 April due to system upgrade

Due to a system upgrade, the rent control telephone service is closed until 15 April, and there will be a break in, for example, refunds and payment agreements. Please note that the rent must still be paid as normal by the due date of 4 April. If you have a valid payment agreement, the agreed payment must also be made on time.

Rent control telephone service closed until 15 April

The rent control telephone service is closed until 15 April 2024. The rent control telephone service will be back to normal from Tuesday, 16 April.

Break in refunds and payment agreements, among other things, until 15 April

There is a break in the processing of payments and refunds until 15 April 2024. During this period, it will unfortunately not be possible to make  

  • refunds 
  • returns of security deposits 
  • other cash reimbursements 
  • new payment agreements 
  • additions or removals of e-invoice and direct debit mandates 
  • resident invoicing  
  • invoicing for water charges at our sites that have water meters. If you have a water meter in your apartment and are invoiced based on its reading, the next invoice will arrive in May. In that case, we will invoice you for the water consumption in March and April at the same time. If you have selected e-invoicing, you will receive an invoice in your online bank in May. 

We will endeavour to process refunds and other cash reimbursements as soon as possible from 16 April.

Emails sent to us during the break will go into a work queue, which we will start processing from 16 April. We will reply to you as soon as possible after that.

Break in the processing of parking spaces

The system change also brings a break in the processing of parking spaces, and it will not be possible to rent or exchange parking spaces from 2 to 12 April.

Deployment of online service channel in April

The break in our rent control services is due to a system upgrade in which we are replacing our current ERP system with a new one. During April, we will launch a new online service, the EAsy service channel. With EAsy, our residents will have easy access to their housing affairs, regardless of time and place.

We thank you for your patience during this transition and apologise if this situation causes you any inconvenience.