In the picture it says "EAsy is now open. Step inside!" EAsy is the resident's electronic service channel.
News 30.04.2024 - 15:00

EAsy, the resident's online service, is now open. Step inside!

Always with you, always open, and always easy to use - that's EAsy, the resident's online service. There, you can take care of almost all of the housing-related matters when it suits you best.

Welcome to use EAsy

Forget about opening hours – EAsy is always at your service. Day or night, weekday or weekend, nearly all housing matters are accessible whenever it suits you best.

EAsy is an online service for current residents of Espoon Asunnot. There, you can

  • fill in moving-in inspection form
  • view the rental agreement details
  • check the status of rent and other payments
  • update your contact information and add your bank account number
  • view the details and rescue plan of your building
  • read resident notices
  • view your property's consumption data
  • submit a fault report and track its progress
  • fill in the application for apartment alterations
  • terminate your lease agreement

Register today

To begin using the online service requires registration, which can be done with your email address and strong authentication. The orange login button is conveniently located at the top of the website. Moreover, various pages include a button labeled "EAsy, the resident's online service", guiding you to engage with us at EAsy.

After registration, you can log in using your email address, which serves as your username, and the password you created during registration.

When you logg in for the first time, you can select your preferred language for conducting your affairs in EAsy - Finnish, English, or Swedish.

Exciting additions ahead

This spring, EAsy's comprehensive service selection is set to grow with the launch of a dedicated booking system for sauna slots and parking spaces. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on new service rollouts and tips on managing housing-related issues effortlessly with EAsy, anytime, anywhere!