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News 13.06.2024 - 13:44

Tell us: What is most important to you about living?

Everyone has their own vision of the perfect home. Is it one in a prime location, close to amenities and excellent transport links? Or is it more important for the home to be the right size, with a safe and peaceful neighborhood? How crucial are easy access to services and affordable rent? Let us know!

Last year, as part of a survey about renewing resident activities, we asked which aspects of living are most important. Nearly five hundred people responded, and out of the eleven options presented, the top five were:

  • Reasonable rent levels - 74% considered important
  • Apartment location - 56%
  • Peacefulness and safety of the living environment - 44%
  • Condition and equipment of the apartment - 40%
  • Stability of the rental relationship, housing security - 21%

This year, we've increased the number of options to gain an even more comprehensive understanding of residents' wishes and needs. You can also rank the six most important aspects of living for you and comment on how well you feel they are currently being met.

Your responses will help us improve our services, so please share your thoughts! Thank you very much for your time.