Kuvassa nainen ja kaksi lasta istumassa ulkopenkillä.

We measure the customer experience at different stages of occupancy

How do you feel about our service and how comfortable are you in our accommodation? We research this through different surveys at different stages of occupancy, and we use the answers to these surveys to improve our operations.

Measuring customer experience gives us a customer perspective on the service we provide. In addition to surveys during occupancy and move-in and move-out surveys, we measure the success of our customer service through a survey sent immediately after any contact. We monitor the results of all surveys monthly, as the information from them helps us to improve our operations.

We use SMS and email surveys to measure the customer experience. Answering them never requires strong identification by you, and you will not be asked for your personal information, much less your bank account credentials. It is always worth considering carefully whether to respond if a request sent to you requires the disclosure of such information. 

Thank you for answering!

Responding to inquiries from Espoon Asunnot never requires authentication. The inquiries also do not ask for personal or account information.