Contact information

Customer service and switchboard +358 (0)9 3544 5000

We serve you in all matters related to living, agreements, apartment offers, parking spaces and the payment of rent.

Due to the large number of applicants, we are not able to respond to inquiries about applications by phone or e-mail. If you have questions regarding an application, please use our chat service.  

You should also familiarise yourself with the sections How to apply for housingFilling in an application and Editing and application.

How to apply for housing

To apply, fill in the electronic application form on our website. Remember to read first about what needs to be considered when applying.

Housing application

You can apply for a rental home using the electronic form available on an external website. Please fill in the form carefully as housing is offered based on the information and preferences you provide in it.

Maintenance companies

Please submit any fault reports to the maintenance company of your property. The maintenance company also provides keys for flats and parking spaces and handles sauna reservations.

Before contacting the maintenance company, please check the responsibility table to see whether or not the matter is the responsibility of the maintenance company.

If you do not know your maintenance company, you can find it listed on our website under your property. The name and telephone number of the maintenance company can also be found on the notice board of your property.

Invoicing address

We accept electronic invoices, and all invoices must be sent in electronic format. You need the following information to send us electronic invoices:

Operator: CGI Suomi Oy
Operator ID: 003703575029
E-invoicing address: 003715652810