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News 21.11.2023

The car preheating season has begun - here's how to use a power point safely

Now that the outdoor thermometer is starting to dip into freezing temperatures again, car preheating becomes a daily routine for many of us. When using a power point, please ensure that safety aspects are considered in all situations.

Car preheating not only makes morning departures more pleasant but also saves the engine and reduces emissions. However, using a power point requires that safety aspects are always considered.

  1. Always unplug the heating cable from the socket when it's not in use.
    A cable hanging from a power point can electrify a slushy or water puddle, posing a risk of electric shock to adults or others moving around the car. A heating cable left in place can also fall and get buried under the snow, making it impossible for a snowplow driver to spot it.  A Cable damaged during plowing or otherwise is always a safety risk and should never be used.
  2. Always keep the cover locked when you're not using the heating post.
    This small act prevents the smallest family members from inserting anything into the sockets and creating a hazardous situation for themselves.
  3. Make sure the heating cable is intact. A damaged cable is always a safety risk.
  4. The use of extension cords for car heating is prohibited.
  5. If you notice a fault in the power point, report it to the maintenance company.
Consider also energy efficiency and heat your car's engine moderately. In cool weather, half an hour is sufficient, and in severe cold, no more than 2 hours. Therefore, make use of the heating post's timer!