Kuvassa Suurin pudottaja -energiansäästökilpailun kunniakirja
News 15.6.2023

First places in our energy saving competition: Suvelantie 8 B and Matinkallio 7 C

Our 'Biggest Saver' energy saving competition has finally received its final seal. The competition started in November and continued until the last day of April. On Monday, June 5th, the top three participants in each category were celebrated with cake and they received certificates for their accomplishments. The top properties all received monetary prizes they can use for the enjoyment of their residents.

Last autumn, the availability and high cost of energy became shared concerns throughout Finland. The government initiated the national 'Down a Degree' campaign, aiming to involve everyone in collective energy-saving efforts. We also joined in and launched our own energy-saving campaign - the 'Biggest Saver' competition for our properties.

Our energy-saving competition had two categories: heat and electricity. The competition period lasted from the beginning of November 2022 until the end of April 2023. The properties had six months to reduce their heat and electricity consumption compared to the same period the previous year (November 1st, 2021, to April 30th, 2022).

The progress of the 'Biggest Saver' competition was monitored throughout the entire competition period, and we regularly published interim results for both categories. Thanks to collective efforts, excellent results were achieved. During the competition, heating consumption decreased by 3.2% (3,504 MWh), and total electricity consumption decreased by 8.2% (2,439 MWh)! A big thank you for that goes to each and every resident.

And the biggest savers are...

The final results for both categories are now in. The top three participants in the heat and electricity categories were awarded on Monday, June 5th, at an event held at the Espoon Asunnot offices. Suvelantie 8 B claimed the first place in the heat category, while Matinkallio 7 C took the first place in the electricity category.

Top 3 in the Heat Category:

Suvelantie 8
Merisaapas 1
Myntinsyrjä 10

Top 3 in the Electricity Category:

Matinkallio 7 C
Suvelantie 8
Tiistinkallio 1

Warm congratulations to not only the winning properties but also to all residents of the top three properties!