Kuvassa iso kasa kodinkoneita, kuten pölynimuri, kahvinkeitin ja silitysrauta
News 13.05.2024 - 16:29

Rent, use, return: Matinkylä's new rental service is now open

Do you really need your own sewing machine, pressure washer, or hand truck for moving? Not at all! Instead, you can easily and affordably rent these items from Matinkylä’s new rental service,

The newly opened rental service in Matinkylä is part of the City of Espoo's TYKKI project, which focuses on the low-carbon development of properties and suburbs through neighbourhood cooperation

Explore the service at

The rental service offers an extensive array of household items, including power tools, various washers, cleaning equipment, home care supplies, kitchen utensils, and games. You can access the service online at or via the Liiteri mobile app. Once you reserve a product online, you can pick it up at any time from the self-service point, which operates 24/7. The Matinkylä self-service container is conveniently located on Suomenlahdentie, close to the Iso Omena shopping center and Kalapuisto park.

Welcome to the opening on May 16 at 4 PM

The grand opening of the Matinkylä self-service container will be celebrated on Thursday, May 16, from 4 PM to 6:30 PM. You are warmly welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and explore the possibilities of a sustainable lifestyle. The opening will also feature Espoo City Library's activity bus Välkky, climate experts from HSY, and the Matinkylä Society.

So, come spend a sunny spring evening at the self-service container, get inspired, and influence the development of rental items and recycling services!