Restrictions on the use of shared facilities continue until 10 January 2021

The metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group has decided to continue Covid restrictions until 10 January 202. Therefore, also the restrictions on the use of shared facilities continue until then.

Club rooms and gyms closed for the time being

The club rooms in properties will be out of use until further notice. Exceptions include statutory residents’ meetings, which can be held if safety instructions and restrictions are taken into account.

Gyms are also closed in those properties where there is a one.

Shared sauna sessions are cancelled

The coronavirus coordination group has recommended that public saunas be closed. Therefore, all shared sauna sessions are cancelled from 30 November 2020 to 10 January 2021. Apartment-specific sauna bookings will continue normally. Please note that it is not possible to clean saunas after every use. This is why everyone must maintain a high level of hygiene. Also, do not use a sauna if you are feeling ill.

If you want to change or cancel your sauna booking, follow normal practices.

We recommend that you wear a mask

Please wear a mask when you use the shared facilities in your residential building. For example, it is difficult to maintain social distancing in lifts, and that is why we strongly recommend that you wear a mask. The personnel of Espoon Asunnot and our maintenance and cleaning staff wear masks when they work at our properties.

In cleaning, we will continue to take the same precautions as in the spring.


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