The homepage of the renewed website displayed on a phone screen
News 4.10.2023

Our renewed website serves mobile users better than before

Our website has received a fresh, new look! The focus of the renewal has been to better address the needs of mobile users, improve accessibility, and refresh the overall appearance of the site.

The majority of our customers (about 70%) use our site on mobile devices. We wanted to ensure that our website provides them with a good user experience. Therefore, we have made changes to the site's structure and appearance, such as reducing large image areas and simplifying the homepage.

What's new on the site?

Our new homepage is clearer and focuses on the essentials. Its main task is to guide visitors quickly and effortlessly to the right pages. In addition, we have added a search function to the homepage, allowing visitors to search for information based on a property's address. The homepage also features a news listing that adapts to the user's device.

We want to serve all visitors as well as possible, including those with various limitations. Therefore, several changes have been made to the site to improve its accessibility.

Content structure remains unchanged

In this renewal, we did not change the site's content structure, so the menu structure remains the same, as do the links if you have saved such shortcuts in your browser. However, parts of the site may look unfinished for a while, as it was not possible to make all changes in advance.

Thank you for your patience as we finalize the site!