Supplier instructions

With these supplier instructions, we aim at ensuring that the whole supplier chain operates responsibly in all situations. The instructions include important issues regarding social and economic themes as well as themes related to environmental sustainability.

A good and functioning partner network is a prerequisite for success for us in our operations. The management of the responsibility of a vast network requires agreed ground rules and active control. For this purpose, we have compiled supplier instructions that apply in all acquisitions and contracts made by Espoon Asunnot.

The PDF version of the supplier instructions may be freely downloaded via the accompanying link.


We make high-quality and economical procurements and promote healthy competition and sustainable development. 

Social Responsibility

We are a reliable lessor and take care of those who, due to their life situation, need help to maintain control of their daily life.

Financial responsibility

For us, financial responsibility means good financial management, a sense of solidarity and the steady and long-term delivery of economic benefits to our stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

Our environmentally responsible operations are based on life cycle thinking.