Asuntotarjouksen liitteitä kuvataan puhelimella ylhäältäpäin.

The most common appendices requested

If you are interested in the offered apartment, please submit the requested appendices by email within three working days. You do not need to submit the original documents. A good quality photograph of the requested appendix, for example, is sufficient. The conditional housing offer will be cancelled if we do not receive the requested appendices by the due date.

The attachments required for accepting the housing offer must be submitted by the deadline. You can choose the necessary attachments from the device where you have saved them, or take photos of them.

Ensure the clarity of the photos

  • avoid unnecessary content, 
  • focus carefully, 
  • do not use flash when taking the picture, and 
  • double-check before submission that the image is clear and the text of the attachment is easily readable.

The offer may be canceled if your situation changes or if the attachments are not submitted on time. If necessary, we may request additional information or new documents during the processing of the attachments. We can update your application based on the information provided in the attachments.

The most common appendices requested

Pre-completed tax return

You can find your pre-completed tax return (pdf) in the MyTax service. Please send us all the pages in the document. 

Once logged in, go to the “Messages and communication” section under the “Activities” heading. 

Click on “Decisions and letters”, and a mailbox will open listing all the tax documents you have received. Look for “Pre-completed tax return” in the list and click on the title to open the document. You will be presented with a PDF file that you can save for yourself. If you cannot find the document in your mailbox, check the Archives.

If your tax return shows that you have assets (such as securities or real estate), you must provide a statement of their current fair value. The same applies to any debts entered in the breakdown section.

Salary certificate or other income certificates

We need a statement of your current gross income. The statement may be your latest salary certificate or a benefit decision issued by Kela on, for example, unemployment benefit or child care allowance. Please note that a copy of your account transactions is not sufficient and does not need to be submitted to us.

Pension certificate

We need a certificate or decision indicating your gross pension for the current year. If you receive a pension from more than one place, we need documents from all of them. We also need a certificate for any pension you receive from abroad if the pension is mentioned in the specification section of the tax return.

Statement of assets and liabilities

If you have assets, we need a statement of the fair value of your assets and the liabilities to them. Assets include, for example, owner-occupied dwellings, cottages, plots of land and securities. If you own an apartment, please provide a reliable statement of the value of the apartment. If you have just sold your apartment, please provide a copy of the deed. When defining your assets, we also take into account the debts on it, such as any remaining mortgage.

Fixed-term lease

A fixed-term lease agreement is valid for a certain predetermined period. The fixed-term lease agreement expires by the agreed date without further notice from the landlord or tenant.

A residence permit card

The residence permit card is a card the size of a credit card indicating the status of your residence permit and personal data.

A residence registration certificate or a Finnish identity card

You have received a residence registration certificate from a police station or the Finnish Immigration Service after registering your right of residence in Finland. If you have lost the document, you can request a new one from the Finnish Immigration Service, which will provide a new certificate of registration of the right of residence against payment.

Please note that a Finnish identity card is not the same as a driving licence or a Kela photocard.

Notice on a tenancy agreement or a court decision

Have you indicated in your housing application that your current tenancy agreement has been terminated? In this case, please provide us with a copy of the written notice of termination or cancellation of the tenancy agreement or a copy of the court decision.

Statement of an agreement of custody and living arrangements of children

We need a statement on the living arrangements of children. You may prepare the statement yourself, but it must be signed by both guardians. Alternatively, you may submit a decision on the living arrangements of children certified by the appropriate authority.