Club room

Most of our properties have their own club room. Some buildings share a club room with a neighbouring building. Club rooms are usually taken care of by the residents’ committee, which also decides on the principles of their use.
In the club rooms, it is possible to organise joint activities for the residents, such as children’s parties, book clubs, Christmas parties and bazaars.

In many of our residential buildings, the club room is also well suited for small events of your own, such as birthday parties. For more information, please contact the residents’ committee of your property, which is also responsible for the keys to the club room.

A few properties do not have a residents’ committee, in which case the key to the club room can be obtained from the maintenance company. The key will only be handed over to adult residents.

Join resident activities

In resident activities, you can have an influence. Resident activities involve diverse activities for the benefit of the living environment, where even small actions are significant.

Contact information for maintenance companies

Always report a defect to your property's maintenance company.