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Activities in your home building

Resident activities aim to promote good relations between neighbours and create a sense of community.

We encourage residents to create activities that reflect the wishes and needs of the people living in their building. In some buildings, this can mean a community effort, in others, a yard sale or a Christmas party, and some buildings organise all of these. The main thing is that the activities are suitable for residents of all ages and backgrounds. 

Often, the residents’ committee is responsible for the activities of their home building, but other residents can also organise events. For example, organising board game evenings in the club room requires nothing more than a game and enthusiastic participants. 

Each building has an appropriation of EUR 1,100–1,700, the amount of which depends on the number of apartments, at its disposal for resident activities and promoting the comfort of the property. The appropriation can be used to organise different events or buying summer flowers for the yard, for example.

Community efforts 

In community efforts, residents can improve the comfort of their living environment and get to know their neighbours. All residents are welcome to take part in communal yard work. You can participate to the extent that you have the time and resources. For example, raking leaves for a while as part of the autumn community effort is both a good way of being physically active and an opportunity to chat with your neighbours.  

Getting involved in community efforts is easy. Once the community effort has started, you can just ask your neighbours working in the yard how you can help them.