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Safety experts in your building

In the annual residents’ meeting, residents can elect among themselves a safety person and a civil defence shelter caretaker.

Safety person  

The safety person is an expert in everyday safety issues in the building where they live. They are not officially responsible for the safety of the house. The position of a safety person is based on the Rescue Act. 

The safety person makes safety-related observations and passes them on to Espoon Asunnot or service partners. The observations may concern, for example, unnecessary things in the stairwells, cars parked on the emergency access road or slippery roads in winter. The safety person can develop the safety of the building and inform their neighbours about safety issues.

Every year, we organise training for safety persons in cooperation with rescue experts. We make sure that every building has an up-to-date rescue plan and that it is available to residents. Links to property-specific rescue plans can be found on our website. 

Civil defence shelter caretaker 

We organise annual training for the civil defence shelter caretakers in cooperation with civil defence experts. The shelter caretaker completes the required shelter caretaker training and acts in accordance with the instructions received in the training.  The position of the caretakers of the civil defence shelter is based on the Rescue Act. 

Properties with their own civil defence shelter elect one caretaker per shelter. Together with property management and safety experts, Espoon Asunnot ensures that the civil defence shelters and related equipment are in order.  

The civil defence shelter caretaker can propose improvements related to the civil defence shelter and protective equipment to the property manager. In the event of a crisis in society that requires the residents to use the civil defence shelter, the civil defence shelter caretaker will lead the use of the shelter and show the other residents how to protect themselves.