isoisä, tytär ja lapsenlapsi lukevat

Social responsibility

Responsible selection of tenants, support for resident activities and respectful treatment of residents are the cornerstones on which our social responsibility is built.

We are building an Espoo where everyone has the opportunity to have their own home. Students, pensioners, families, singles, working people, unemployed people and people from different cultures meet at Espoon Asunnot. We promote the balanced and equal development of city districts. We also take care of those who, due to their life situation, need help to maintain control of their daily life.

The diversity of residents is an asset. It is our goal for our houses and all residential areas to be home to people who are as diverse as possible and in different situations in life.

More affordable homes

Our owner, the City of Espoo, has set us the target of starting the construction of 400 new homes every year. It is essential that the homes are built along good traffic routes in areas where people want to live.

Our most sought-after homes are one- and two-room flats. The focus of our housing production is currently on small homes, which we aim to build in Espoo’s five growth centres and in their vicinity, along good traffic connections. However, we actively follow demand trends and are ready to react to changes if needed. The construction of family homes will also continue. Particularly in areas where families want to live.

Housing first

We act on the principle of housing first: people must first have housing in order to solve other problems.

We combat homelessness and the threat thereof by providing financial advice to our residents struggling with rent payments, taking into account those in urgent need of housing in the selection of tenants and allocating the number of homes agreed with the city each year to homeless people.

Reliable lessor

Our task is to ensure that living with us is smooth and safe. In our operations, we emphasise dialogue with both our residents and our partners. Our operations are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. We offer a good place to live.

Reliable and safe employer

The goal of Espoon Asunnot is to be the best lessor in Espoo. An enthusiastic staff is an essential part of the strategy.

Our operations are guided by personnel and training plans, as well as equality plans, which ensure that the staff are treated fairly. We follow the occupational health and safety programme, rules of the work community that we have developed together and ethical principles.

A balanced reconciliation of work and leisure time is one of the prerequisites of a healthy working community. That is why we strive to scale the work tasks of the staff in such a way that there is time for hobbies and spending time with family and friends.

​​​​​​​For years, we have donated the funds for the partners’ paper Christmas cards and staff gifts to charity. All staff participate in the selection of beneficiaries.