Return of the security deposit

If you paid a security deposit when signing the tenancy agreement, it will be returned to your account within one month of the end of the tenancy.

Returning the security deposit requires that you have no unpaid rent or other fees. In addition, the home must be in good condition, properly cleaned and emptied and you must have returned all the keys and any parking permit on time.

Espoon Asunnot no longer requires security deposits. In housing offers sent on or after 3 August 2018 and in tenancy agreements concluded on their basis, no security deposit is required.

Instructions for those moving out

We have compiled instructions for those moving out. Please be sure to return your keys and parking permits, clean and empty the home and submit a notification of change of address.

Moving-out inspection

After the tenant has terminated the tenancy agreement, the Espoon Asunnot inspector visits the home to check its condition.