Kuvassa kaksi lasta tulee sisälle porraskäytävään ja aikuiset seisovat oviaukossa.

Stairway and lift

It is important not to store bicycles, prams or other items in stairways. They pose a fire safety risk and may block the access route.

Please ensure that the front door closes behind you so that no outsiders can enter the building. For security reasons, the door code is only intended for residents and their guests – please do not share it with outsiders.

Please move as noiselessly as possible in the stairway, especially during night time, in order not to disturb your neighbours. 

Using the lift

Never use the lift during a fire or other emergency.

Please tell children that it is not safe to play in or near the lift. Children can only safely use the lift with an adult. With small children, it is a good idea to hold their hand when using the lift. Please keep pets on a tight leash when using the lift. The safest place is near the rear wall of the lift, away from the doors.

Please do not keep the doors of the lift open by placing things between the doors or pushing your hands or feet between them. Use the door opening button instead.

If you get stuck in the lift, press the alarm button and call the number on the wall. Do not attempt to get out of the lift by yourself.

If you notice anything unusual in the lift, such as an abnormal sound, report it as soon as possible to the number on the wall of the lift.