Mies muuttaa ja kantaa palmua kerrostalon rappukäytävässä.

Instructions for those moving out

We have compiled instructions for those moving out below. Please be sure to return your keys and parking permits, clean and empty the home and submit a notification of change of address.

Returning the keys

Return the keys to the home, as well as any key to common areas or laundry room badge as well as the parking space heating pole key, to the maintenance company or company responsisble for key management by 12:00 noon on the moving day. The moving day is the ending date of the tenancy agreement. If the moving day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the moving day is the next working day.

If all the keys have not been returned by the due date, the locks will be rekeyed and the costs will be charged to the person moving out. For the legal protection of the tenant, the keys must not be handed over directly to the next resident or left in the home.

Returning the parking permit

Please remember to return your parking permits to the maintenance company when you return your keys.

Showing the home to the next tenant

According to the Act on Residential Leases, Espoon Asunnot has the right to show the home to a new resident. When you terminate your tenancy agreement, you can choose whether you want to show the home to a potential new resident yourself or whether you allow a representative of Espoon Asunnot to show the home using the master key at a time convenient to you.

Notification of change of address

Remember to submit a notification of change of address to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and Posti. You can make the notification online at  

Electricity and broadband contract

Remember to cancel your electricity contract and any broadband contract, so you will not have to pay the costs after you move out.

Cleaning when moving out

The home, as well as any yard, balcony and storage facilities belonging to the home, must be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the following instructions before moving out. If some or all of the cleaning is not done, cleaning costs will be charged to the person moving out.

Instructions for cleaning

  • Clean the toilet seat, hand wash basins, shower corner/bathtub and all water taps.
  • Clean the floor drains in wet rooms (toilet, bathroom, sauna).
  • Clean and defrost the fridge/freezer. When defrosting the freezer, ensure that the melt water does not spill on the floor. The amount of melt water from the freezer can be very large, and it may cause water damage to floor structures. After cleaning, leave the fridge and freezer doors open. Also clean behind the appliances.
  • Clean the cooker hobs, oven and baking trays. Pull the cooker out and clean the back wall, floor and walls of adjacent cabinets.
  • Clean the exhaust air valves (do not change the setting) and the cooker hood grease filter.
  • Wash the windows and balcony glazing from the inside and, if weather conditions permit, from the outside.
  • Wipe all cabinets, shelves, drawers and doors.
  • Sweep or vacuum and wipe all floor surfaces.
  • Wipe the wall surfaces.
  • If your home has a balcony or yard, clean and empty them. Try to leave your yard tidy.
  • If your home has a sauna, clean the sauna benches, walls and floor.

Emptying the home

Home and storage space

The home and storage space must be completely emptied. Light fittings that are not part of the standard equipment must also be removed and ceiling box lids fixed back in place.

If you leave any of your belongings in the home, storage space, waste collection point or yard, you will be charged for their removal.

Dishwasher and washing machine

If you have purchased a dishwasher, you must not leave it in the home. If there has been a cupboard in place of the dishwasher, be sure to put it back in place.

When removing the dishwasher and/or washing machine, their inlet and outlet connections must be plugged. This is to prevent water damage. If you have lost the plug, you can buy a new one at a building supply shop, for example. If necessary, you can ask the maintenance company for help.


Items that do not fit the waste bins or are hazardous waste must not be left in the waste collection point. Hazardous waste must be taken to the local hazardous waste collection point.

Unnecessary furniture can be taken, for example, to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) or Sortti Station. You can also order a paid pick-up service for disposal of large items. More information on HSY’s Nouto-Sortti pick-up service: