Filling in an application

To apply for rental housing with us, you need to submit an electronic application. If necessary, we can also mail you a paper application to fill in at home. When completed, you can bring the form to a mailbox located at the Iso Omena service center or send it to us by post.
  • Indicate your preferences concerning the apartment in the housing application. The preferences may include, for example, the location, size, rent and equipment level of the apartment. The less you require, the more possibilities you have in getting a housing offer from us. However, please choose your preferences so that you are willing to accept housing offers based on them
  • Complete the application carefully, as housing is offered based on the information and preferences you provide in it.
  • Include in the application the personal details of all those moving to the apartment. 
  • The application will be valid for 3 months. An electronic application is valid as soon as you submit it. A paper application will be valid within two weeks of its receipt.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your housing application. This email confirms that your application has been received and that you will be considered in our resident selection.      
Please note that a call to our customer service will not help you in getting any housing offers quicker. We cannot provide any interim information as regards the applications. We serve all our customers equally and also take into account applicants who are unable to contact us when making the tenant selections.

Tenant selection

We do not have a queue system. Check out the steps your application will go through before a possible housing offer.

Editing an application

Your life situation may change after the application is submitted. Find out about situations when you should fill in a new application.