Kuvassa käsi, joka pitelee vihreää sydäntä.

Code of ethics

For us, ethical principles form the basis on which Espoon Asunnot’s operations and procedures are built. They also apply to everyone: the management, supervisors and employees.

By committing and adhering ethical principles, we strive to bring benefits to society and comply with all laws and regulations.

We have compiled our code of ethics from the Espoo Story and Espoon Asunnot’s vision, goals and values as well as laws and regulations. In addition, we have applied the City of Espoo ethical principles and practical guidelines in preparing the instructions. The ethical principles were determined during 2016 and updated in June 2018 and in November 2021.

Our code of ethics guides us in the right way to act

  • We are a responsible operator
  • We comply with laws and regulations
  • We are a responsible employer
  • The role of our employees is vital for ethical operations
  • We serve our customers smoothly and are easily reachable
  • We promote sustainable construction and housing
  • We create economic added value for society
  • We emphasise openness in our communication

Monitoring, corrective action and reporting

We monitor the realisation of our code of ethics and its suitability for the needs of our company. In unclear situations, we resolve the matter in advance with our supervisor or lawyer. Official monitoring is carried out as part of annual reporting. We report responsibility by applying the Global Reporting Initiative reporting principles (GRI).

Actions that violate our code of ethics are dealt with immediately. The responsibility for corrective action lies primarily with supervisors and the management. Supervisors are obliged to monitor the realisation of ethical principles, be open to feedback and, if necessary, take corrective measures.

We are continuously improving our operations and update the instructions as necessary.