Remember your home insurance

We warmly recommend taking out home insurance for every home.

Our property is insured for its full value, but the insurance only covers damage caused to the property. It does not cover damage to your movables, such as theft of your belongings. It is good to have home insurance for this purpose.

Please note that there are also restrictions on home insurance. If the resident has caused the damage through negligence, home insurance may not cover the damage in full or at all. It is also good to have liability insurance in your home insurance, in which case it will also cover damage you cause to others.

Division of responsibilities

The responsibility table shows who is responsible for various maintenance and repair work in the home and the building.

Safety at home

Prevention is everything in home safety. Please ensure your home is safe – we have compiled instructions to support it.

Avoid water damage

Every day, there are more than 100 occurrences of water damage in Finland. You can prevent water damage in many ways.

Fire safety

Please ensure the fire safety of your home, and make sure that you know how to perform first-aid fire extinguishing and leave the building in the event of fire.