Selection criteria

There are rules governing the selection of tenants for rental housing built with state subsidies. We do not have a queue system. Instead, the tenants are selected determined on the basis of wealth and need for housing, for example. We try to offer housing to those who need it the most based on the level of urgency classification provided below. Priority is given to those applicants who are most urgently in need of housing, with the most limited financial means and with the lowest income.

Applicants whose need for housing is extremely urgent

  • Homeless persons or persons living with their family or friends.
  • Moving for a job from outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but without housing.
  • Applicants living in an uninhabitable flat who are subject to an obligation to move.
  • Persons living in extremely crowded housing (3 or more persons/room).
  • Applicants who are of age and living with their parents or as sub-tenants.

Applicants whose need for housing is urgent

  • Persons living in crowded housing (more than 1 but less than 3 persons/room).
  • Persons who have been given notice or are at the end of a fixed-term tenancy agreement.
  • A permanent illness or disability of a family member requires more suitable housing.
  • Persons whose rent is too high compared to income.

Non-urgent applicants

  • Persons unhappy with, for example, the location or equipment level of the current dwelling.

Wealth limits

Due to the wealth limits on state-subsidised rental housing, the applicant’s wealth is taken into account in the process.

Housing application

You can apply for a rental home using the electronic form available on an external website. Please fill in the form carefully as housing is offered based on the information and preferences you provide in it.