Kuvassa jätekatos Espoon Asuntojen kiinteistöllä

Waste collection point

Almost all of our properties have collection bins for biowaste, cardboard, glass, paper, metal, mixed waste and plastic. Many places also have a WEEE collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Nature will thank you for sorting your waste

Almost all hazardous waste from homes can be taken to hazardous waste collection containers free of charge. You can find the container closest to your home at You can also take hazardous waste to Sortti Stations and to collection vehicles circulating in Espoo in the spring.

Sorting and recycling of waste is in everyone’s best interest. By sorting your waste properly, you invest in a sustainable future. Once sorted, the waste can be reused. Waste provides, for example, raw materials for industry and soil as well as renewable energy.

You can ask your property’s environmental expert for more information. Every year, we train environmental experts appointed by residents’ committees to advise the residents of their building on waste sorting, for example.

Please keep the waste collection point tidy

It is forbidden to leave rubbish outside waste bins as it may attract rats or other vermin. Items left outside waste bins also increase the costs of waste management. Large items, such as furniture, must not be left in the waste collection point.

Everyone must deliver their own old furniture either for recycling or to the Sortti Station. If you have problems transporting furniture, you can use the paid pick-up service, Nouto-Sortti. 

Please flatten your cardboard boxes in order to fit more waste in the bins. This way, we save on waste management costs and keep the waste collection point tidy.