Kuvassa remonttimies asentaa uutta ikkunaa.


Espoon Asunnot makes a repair programme for maintenance and care repairs every year. Every year, we also make unforeseen repairs, which may be due to water damage, for example.
We will inform residents about bathroom and kitchen renovations six months before they start. About two months before the renovation begins, we will inform residents about the repair schedules on a weekly basis, so that you know well in advance when the renovation will take place in your home.

During maintenance renovations, you can usually live in your home. During kitchen renovations, the refrigeration equipment is in use and we will bring a separate mains-operated hob to your home. During bathroom renovations, we will deliver a chemical toilet to your home and arrange temporary washing facilities in the building. 

If we carry out kitchen or bathroom renovations in your home, we will give you a discount on your rent for the repair period. We will send a calculation to your home, and you can deduct it from the following month’s rent. We will only calculate the discount after the renovation is completed for all homes in the property.

Every year, we also make unforeseen repairs, which may be due to water damage, for example.

We often make minor repairs to homes when the old tenant has moved out and the new tenant has not yet moved in.

If you find small defects while living in the home, please report them to the maintenance company, which will repair them.

Principles of property maintenance

The systematic maintenance of properties ensures that healthy and safe conditions are maintained in the buildings. When we anticipate repairs well in advance and implement them at the right time, their costs will not become unnecessarily high and the need for unexpected repairs decreases.

The principle of continuous renovation allows us to spread the renovation costs evenly over the lifetime of the properties. Every year, we also prepare for unforeseen maintenance needs.

We strive to carry out planned maintenance work at the scheduled time, but sometimes unforeseen maintenance costs more money than has been reserved for it. In this case, we may have to postpone planned maintenance work to future years.

Average maintenance schedule

  • Bathrooms with vinyl flooring are renovated after 20 years.
  • Tiled bathrooms are renovated after 25–30 years.
  • Kitchens are renovated after 25–30 years.
  • Condition surveys of heating and plumbing systems are carried out after 30 years.
  • Façades and balconies are renovated after 30 years.
  • Plumbing renovations are carried out after 40–60 years.