We have different parking spaces available for rent depending on the property. Some of our parking spaces are in a parking garage, some have heating poles and some do not.

The rent for a parking space depends on whether it is a space without a heating pole (15 euros/month), a space with a heating pole (20 euros/month) or a parking garage (30–60 euros/month). The rent for the parking space is paid in connection with the rent payment for the apartment.

Renting a parking space

You can reserve a parking space by using this form. You can also contact our customer services.

We will contact you by email when your reservation has been processed. If there are no spaces available, you can join the queue to get a parking space later.

Parking space agreements are made with the main tenant. Once the parking space agreement has been made, the maintenance company will provide you with a parking permit and a key to the heating pole or parking garage, if necessary. For the maintenance company, you will need a confirmation of the parking space agreement as well as your ID card.

Please note that only inspected and insured cars can be parked in our parking spaces. It is forbidden to park recreational vehicles, caravans, trailers and lorries in our parking spaces.

Please ensure you do not leave your car on an access route, especially the emergency access road. An incorrectly parked vehicle may prevent maintenance or rescue operations, for example, in the event of a fire.

Changing the parking space

Please call our customer service if you want to change your parking space.

Termination of the parking space

If you want to cancel a parking space, please do it preferably by using this form. You can also cancel the parking space by calling our customer services.

We will contact you by email when your termination has been processed. The notice period is one calendar month.

Charging point for electric and hybrid cars

In most of our properties, it is possible to purchase a charging point for an electric car and a hybrid car. At the moment, we only offer slow charging (power 1.8 kW), which, however, can charge the car for more than 100 km overnight, which is good enough for most hybrid cars. To get more information and order a charging point, please go to (in Finnish).

When a new charger is installed on a heating pole for an electric or hybrid car, the adjacent parking space also receives a new, slightly different heating outlet. The outlet has a token lock that works with, for example, a shopping trolley token or coin. Therefore, there is no need for a new key. Instructions for use and adjusting the heating time can be found inside the casing.

Charging electric and hybrid cars from a standard heating pole is strictly prohibited.

Guest parking

Guest parking spaces are only intended for short-term use by residents’ guests. Guests can usually park in the spaces for four hours and must use a parking disc. At some of our properties, guests need a separate guest parking permit. You can apply for long-term guest parking spaces at the maintenance company.

Winter maintenance of parking spaces

Each resident is responsible for winter maintenance of their own parking space. The maintenance company ploughs and sands the access routes, but removing snow from the parking space and sanding it belongs to the resident.

Customer service contact information

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions. 

Contact information for maintenance companies

Always report a defect to your property's maintenance company.

House rules

The house rules have been drawn up to ensure living comfort and domestic peace for the residents.

Common areas

Each of us can contribute to the comfort of the building’s common areas.