Kuvassa muraali Espoon Asuntojen kiinteistössä Nelikkotiellä.

Our non-subsidised rental housing

If your wealth exceeds the wealth limits for ARA housing, you can apply for a non-subsidised rental apartment, which does not have urgency classifications or wealth limits. Espoon Asunnot has nearly 2,000 such rental apartments. Apply for non-subsidised housing by filling out an electronic application form.

Always fill out the housing application carefully

  • Start your applying for housing by exploring our non-subsidised housing and the residential areas where these properties are located.
  • Next, fill in the application. Due to the large number of applicants, we cannot offer an apartment to everyone. Hence, our most important advice is to complete the application form thoroughly.
  • If we offer you an apartment, it will be based on the information and preferences in your application. You can express preferences related to the apartment's location, size, rent amount, and equipment. 
  • Fill in the details of all persons moving into the apartment.
  • The electronic application is activated immediately after submission, while a paper application is activated within two weeks of its receipt.
  • The application is valid for three months. You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received and until when the application is valid.