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Contact information by function

Resident democracy

Manager of Customer Relations Marja-Leena Sallinen, tel. +358 (0)9 3544 5000 (switchboard, 9 am–12 noon)

Housing counselling

You can reach our counsellors by e-mail at

You can contact the counselling service if your financial situation has deteriorated and you have problems in paying rent, for example. You may also need the counsellors’ assistance if your situation in life has changed in a way that impacts your living arrangement.


CEO Jaakko Kammonen, tel. +358 (0)9 3544 5000 (switchboard, 9 am–12 noon)

Property management

You can reach the property managers at +358 (0)9 3544 5000 Mon–Fri 9 am–11 am



Property specialists

You can reach our specialists through the switchboard at +358 (0)9 3544 5000 (9 am–12 noon) and by e-mail at

Head of Real Estate Hannu Rahkila

Head of Maintenance Mikael Mäkitalo

Head of Cleaning Päivi Pajukoski

Real Estate Specialist Petri Nurmi

Coordinator Sirpa Niemelä

Procurement Specialist Juha Velanto

Building Services Specialist Teemu Varonen

Greenery specialist Tuomas Äärynen

Real estate development

Director of Housing Development Pirjo Räihä, tel. +358 40 533 0021

You can reach our other specialists through the switchboard at +358 (0)9 3544 5000 (9 am–12 noon).

The format of the e-mail addresses is

Project Manager (new buildings) Outi Auvinen

Development Architect Jaana Hellinen

Project Manager Petri Jyrkönen

HVAC Supervisor Jan Lönnqvist

Project Manager Timo Marttila

Supervisor Timo Naskali

Project Coordinator Jukka Peltoniemi

Project Manager (new buildings) Mikko Kärkkäinen

Project Manager (renovation) Jyri Asell

Supervisor Iiro Salonen

Real Estate Agent Terhi Väyrynen


You can contact us regarding all image and material matters or if you want to interview our staff. If your matter is related to applying for housing or living, you will find the contact information for customer service and maintenance companies from here. 

Communications Manager Hanna-Maija Loikkanen, tel. +358 (0)400 387 384

Communications Specialist Ann-Marie Nystedt, tel. +358 (0)50 336 2568

Communications Planner Hannele Leino, tel. +358 (0)43 825 1372