Värikästä pyykkiä kuivumassa pyykkitelineellä.

Avoid water damage

There are on average 100 occurrences of water damage in Finnish homes every day. Approximately one third of all water damage originates from a household appliance, most commonly a dishwasher. You can prevent water damage in many ways.

Floor drain and toilet

  • Food residues, paper towels, cotton buds, etc. must not be thrown down the toilet.
  • It is a good idea to clean floor and other drains regularly, as they may easily get clogged from hair, for example.
  • Falling asleep on the floor drain while intoxicated is a surprisingly common cause of water damage.

Washing machine, dishwasher and refrigeration equipment

  • Please place a drip tray under the dishwasher, washing machine and refrigeration equipment. The drip tray brings any leakage water to the front of the machine, so the problem can be detected more quickly.
  • Our homes do not usually have a dishwasher as standard, so tenants are responsible for purchasing one themselves. If you purchase a dishwasher, it must be installed by a professional.
  • Please do not leave a running washing machine or dishwasher unattended.
  • Always turn off the water taps of the washing machine and dishwasher after use.
  • The connections and fastenings of the dishwasher and washing machine should be checked regularly. In addition, at least every five years, a professional must be ordered to replace the inlet and outlet pipes of washing machines in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When defrosting the freezer, do not leave it unattended. The amount of melt water can be very large, and it may cause water damage. 

Here is how you can minimize the risk of water damage from the dishwasher in your home

  • Have a professional install your dishwasher and the connections.
  • Upon installation, place a drip tray under the dishwasher.
  • Never leave the dishwasher running for the night or when you leave home. The longer the water gets to absorb into the structures, the greater the damage.
  • Always close the water tap when the dishwasher is not in use.
  • Check your dishwasher connections at regular intervals. After the dishwasher has been running, wipe the hose connections with a dry paper towel and see if there is any moisture on the paper.
  • The dishwasher outlet hose should be replaced every five years. Chemicals corrode the hose, and mechanical stress may easily cause the hose to leak.
  • You should consider replacing a dishwasher, even if it works, once it is close to ten years old. Prevention is the key, also in this respect.

If you notice that your dishwasher is leaking or has leaked 

  • Turn off the dishwasher if it is running and close the water tap. 
  • Dry off any water you can see.
  • Immediately notify the maintenance company of the matter (call their on-call number, if necessary).
  • Once the extent of the damage is known, also contact your insurance company.