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DIY renovations

If you are planning to carry out installation or alteration work in your rental apartment, please read the contents of this page carefully. If you want to renovate your home, including painting walls, you almost always need written permission from Espoon Asunnot. The lessor’s permission is also required for the installation of assistive equipment that is necessary due to a disability.

Installation and alteration work that always require permission

The need for alterations due to a disability or illness

If the need for alterations is caused by the resident’s disability or illness, the resident should contact the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County’s disability services, and they will submit an alteration permission request to install the equipment that the resident needs. A written plan must be drawn up for the alterations, including the contact details of the company responsible for the work and the guarantee. A written permission for the alterations must always be obtained from Espoon Asunnot.

Dishwasher, if the kitchen cabinets are not equipped with a designated space for a dishwasher

If the kitchen cabinets do not include a designated space for a dishwasher, the alteration work required for the installation of a dishwasher may not be carried out without permission from Espoon Asunnot.

The dishwasher must be installed in such a way that the kitchen cabinets are kept as intact as is possible. Disassembled kitchen cabinets must be stored, and the resident must reinstall them when they move out.

Additional taps may not be installed. If any additional taps have been previously installed, they must be left in place when moving out.

When the resident moves out, they must take the dishwasher with them and make sure that all connections are carefully plugged. In connection with the move-out inspection, we will measure the structures around the dishwasher area for any moisture.

Replacement of the cooker with an induction cooker

The installation of the new cooker, and the reinstallation of the original one when moving out, must be done by a qualified electrician who has the necessary permits to perform such work. The contact information of the electrical company that installed the cooker and the receipt of the installation work must be submitted to Espoon Asunnot.

The resident is responsible for the cost of repairing and maintaining a cooker they have added themselves.

The resident must store the old cooker appropriately and, if necessary, have it reinstalled when moving out.

Electrical appliances and antenna devices

Installations and repairs of fixed electrical appliances
All installations and repairs of fixed electrical appliances must be done by an authorised electrician. Make sure that a commissioning inspection has been carried out on the installation, and submit the commissioning inspection report to Espoon Asunnot.

Satellite dishes
The resident may install their own satellite dish on their balcony or in their yard after obtaining written permission from Espoon Asunnot. We recommend that the installation be carried out by a professional electrician. Fill in the “Application for apartment alterations” form and submit a plan for the antenna installation to Espoon Asunnot.

The antenna may not be permanently fixed to structures, but must be mounted on a suitable stand. Cable penetrations may only be made in the gap on the window or door frame. If an antenna device is installed on the balcony, all parts of the antenna must remain inside the balcony and the antenna may not stretch beyond the balcony railing. If the antenna device is installed on the yard, all parts of it must remain within the resident’s private yard. The total height of the antenna may not exceed the height of the private yard’s side fence, i.e. approximately two metres.

When the resident moves out, they must restore all structures to their original condition.

Installation of a safety lock

The resident may install a security lock, safety chain and spyhole on their front door leading to the hallway in a block of flats and outdoor entrance in a terraced house after obtaining written permission from Espoon Asunnot.

The installation must be carried out by a professional. The security lock must be rekeyed to match the key to the front door. The resident is responsible for all costs of the installation. If Espoon Asunnot later replaces all locks on the property, the resident will have to pay the costs of having the security lock rekeyed.

When the resident moves out, they must leave the safety lock, safety chain and spyhole in place without any compensation and hand over the keys to the security lock to the maintenance company. If the security lock is not rekeyed to match the key to the front door, the resident must have the security lock removed and the hole plugged. The repair work must be done by a professional. A representative of Espoon Asunnot will inspect the work.

Painting of walls

The resident may be granted permission to paint the walls every three years.  Permission can be requested from our customer service

The resident will receive a painting slip with which they can get painter’s white paint at a partnering store. In addition, the resident may choose a tinted paint from among the light and subtle tones listed on the paint slip that can be used to paint one wall as an effect wall. Depending on the size of the apartment, the resident can receive either one or two 9-litre cans of painter’s white paint and one 2.7-litre can of tinted paint. Roof surfaces may not be painted.

Apply for a permit in the resident's online service

Fill in the application for apartment alterations in the resident's online service. Once your permit application has been processed, you will receive a notification via email.

You can also apply for the permit using the attached form. Send the completed application form together with an alteration plan and a list of the persons carrying out the work by email to or by post to Espoon Asunnot Oy, Shopping Centre Iso Omena, Suomenlahdentie 1, 02230 Espoo.

Once we have processed your application, we will mark it either approved or rejected and return it to the e-mail address you have listed on the form.

Prohibited installations and alterations

Prohibited alterations

  • attaching, for example, a pendant light, hanging chair or satellite dish to the balcony structures is not allowed
  • attaching pictures to the doors cabinets even with adhesive strips is not allowed
  • air source heat pumps
  • painting ceilings
  • replacing/altering/removing fixtures
  • replacing/altering floor material
  • wallpapering painted walls
  • using paints other than those agreed with Espoon Asunnot
  • installing mirrors and similar items with stickers that can damage the wall coating when removed
  • any alterations to outbuildings or building facades
  • alteration work that requires a building permit, such as adding roofing to pergolas, putting up additional fences to private yards and building terrace extensions
  • making any punctures in bathroom walls and floors as this can damage waterproofing
  • any resident repairs to new or renovated buildings during the warranty period (two years)
  • painting on top of old wallpaper
  • any household appliances with water connection, if they are not installed by a professional

Installation and alteration work that do not require permission

Hanging paintings

If you wish, you may hang paintings on the living room and bedroom walls. You are not allowed to drill holes or put screws or nails in the ceiling, bathroom or exterior walls. Also, you cannot attach pictures to the doors of cabinets even with adhesive strips.

Dishwasher, if the kitchen cabinets are equipped with a designated space for a dishwasher

A dishwasher must always be installed by a professional, and a drip tray must be placed under it.

When the resident moves out, they must take the dishwasher with them and make sure that all connections are carefully plugged.

Easily movable structures and small plantings in the private yard

Residents may not build any fixed structures in their private yard, but structures that are easily movable are permitted under the following conditions:

  • Movable structures, canopies, trampolines, etc. must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and may not be attached to property structures.
  • The resident must ensure that a movable structure installed by them is not an obstacle to winter maintenance work (e.g. the dropping of snow).
  • Espoon Asunnot will not compensate for any damage to such structures caused by falling or fallen snow.

Residents may plant small shrubs, perennials or other low-growing plants in their private yards. Trees, vines and large shrubs may not be planted as they can damage the structures of the building. No plants are allowed within 50 cm of the exterior walls of the building.

When the resident moves out, they must remove the extra terrace structures and restore the private yard to its original condition. Plants may be left in place.

The resident is responsible for installations and alterations

The resident is liable for any damage caused by the alterations. The resident is also responsible for ensuring that upon moving out, they can restore the apartment to its original condition if Espoon Asunnot so requires.

If alterations made by the resident have to be removed in connection with repairs, no compensation will be paid to the resident. Instead, any additional costs accrued by the removal of the alterations will be charged from the resident if they do not conduct the removal themselves.