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Signing the tenancy agreement

Signing the tenancy agreement is one of the most important steps when moving to a new home. A well-made tenancy agreement is in the interests of both the lessor and the tenant.

To sign the agreement electronically, you will need your online banking credentials or Mobile ID. Please find the signing instructions below. 

  • You will receive an email with a log-in link from the Signom service. If the tenancy agreement is made for two people, both will receive a log-in link, and both will have to sign the agreement.
  • Log in the service using your online banking credentials or Mobile ID.
  • Read the tenancy agreement carefully. Then click the Sign Document button to sign your tenancy agreement.  If you do not want to sign the agreement, you can also reject it.
  • After signing, save and send the agreement to your phone, as you will need it to collect the keys from the maintenance company.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after a successful signature. This message contains a link through which you can save the agreement to yourself.
  • Please note that the tenancy agreement will be deleted from the Signom service after 90 days from the signing. You can only access the service via the log-in link sent to your email.
  • We will then email you a tenant information pack, which includes more detailed instructions regarding your move.

Appointment for signing

If you wish, you can also call our customer service for an appointment to sign the tenancy agreement. Please bring your ID with you to the meeting. If the agreement is made for two people, both will have to come to the meeting and prove their identity.

At the meeting, you will sign a tenancy agreement and receive a rent invoice, tenant’s guide, condition statement and list of important contacts. We will also advise you on how and when you can collect the keys.

If one person is unable to attend, a power of attorney is required. By a power of attorney, you can delegate administration of your affairs to someone else. Fill in and sign the power of attorney below and give it to the person who will represent you. Please note that the power of attorney must be filled in and signed before acting on someone else’s behalf.