Editing an application

Your situation and wishes may change after you have submitted the application. Please submit a new application in case of changes in your situation like the ones listed below. Our customer service personnel cannot change this information.
  • You wish to add or remove people from your application.
  • Your address changes after submitting the application.
  • You find yourself homeless after submitting the application.
  • There is a change in your wealth or income.
  • Other significant housing condition changes, such as giving notice or finding new fixed-term housing.


If you wish to make small changes to your application, such as adding or removing areas or sites, you can contact our customer service.

Housing application

You can apply for a rental home using the electronic form available on an external website. Please fill in the form carefully as housing is offered based on the information and preferences you provide in it.

Customer service contact information

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions.