Kuvassa hymyilevä poika avaa kerrostalon alaovea perheelleen.

Accepting the housing offer

We will send you a housing offer if we find you a home. Please read the instructions below and the actual housing offer carefully.
  • We will send you a conditional housing offer via email. You will also receive an SMS notification of the sent offer. Therefore, make sure that your contact information is up to date. In the offer, we will ask you to submit the necessary appendices and let you know how you can have a look at the apartment. Please note that the housing offer is valid only for a few weekdays.
  • Please visit the apartment as soon as possible. However, please note that new sites or houses under renovation cannot be visited during the construction phase.
  • If you wish to accept the offered housing, please submit the requested appendices to our customer service by email within three working days. You do not need to submit the original documents. A good quality photograph of the requested appendix, for example, is sufficient.
  • If you decline the offered housing, please let us know this within the validity period of the housing offer. You can do this by replying to the housing offer or calling to our customer service. Please state the reason for your refusal. We kindly ask you to submit a new application where you have filled in your preferred option in more detail. We strive to provide housing that meets the wishes you have stated in your application.