Kuvassa lukko Espoon Asuntojen kiinteistön varastohuoneessa.

Storage facilities

Most or our buildings have common storage facilities for the residents’ sports and outdoor equipment, as well as lockable storage spaces for the residents’ own belongings.

Each home has one storage space, usually marked with the apartment number. Even if you do not use your own storage space, you should still keep it locked so other residents do not put their belongings there. You must buy your own lock. The storage space is named and cannot be exchanged with a neighbour. If the previous resident has left any items in your storage space when you move in, please contact the maintenance company.

Tip: “You can place a wooden pallet, for example, under the items in your storage space. This allows air to circulate and keeps the items in good condition. If ventilation is prevented, moisture may accumulate in the storage space.”

Please do not store valuable or sentimental items in the storage space. If someone breaks into your storage space, report the offence to the police and your insurance company. Espoon Asunnot will not compensate for stolen or damaged goods.

The storage of flammable liquids and other flammable materials in the storage space is forbidden for fire safety reasons.

For fire safety reasons, it is also forbidden to store items in the stairways and corridors of common areas. If necessary, the maintenance company will remove items that have been left in the stairways.